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Valentine Evangelism Bracelet

Valentine Bracelet Craft Have your students make one for themselves and one for a friend. You can talk about the symbolism of colors. Red can stand for Jesus' blood shed for our sins, Blue for the water of Baptism, White for the forgiveness of our sins, etc. Alternate the regular beads with the heart beads and add the Christian bead in the middle. This will also work for necklaces. Just tie the laces in a knot when you are finished.
Crafting Supplies

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Heart Pony Beads 1 lb., 12mm (850/bag)
Christian Bead Assortments, 10-12mm (pk/225)
Pony Beads 6mm 8oz - Semiprecious Colors (1200/bag)
Prolace Lacing, 50yd.-BLACK or
Budget Lacing, 100yd.-ROYAL BLUE


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