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Milk Carton Easter Basket Craft



Handmade Easter Basket Craft

Craft Supplies & Instructions:

  • Milk carton
  • Acrylic paint
  • Ribbons - 5/8" wide for carton
  • Wired Ribbon - 1 1/2" wide for handle
  • Tape & Glue Gun
Cut the milk carton down to 3 1/2". Paint the carton. If your carton does not have a lot of print, you may not need to paint. I used Apple Barrel Victorian Green Acrylic Paint. Let the carton dry. Cut vertical slits in the carton leaving 1/2" at the bottom. Make sure each side has an even number of slits. I used four for each side. If you want a tighter weave, cut more slits. Weave the ribbon in and out, securing the ends on the inside with tape or hot glue. When you reach the top, take a piece of ribbon and fold it over the rim, gluing it into place. To make the handle, cut an 8 1/2" length of the wired ribbon and glue each end to the inside.


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