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Craft Project: Thanksgiving Day Placemats
Thanksgiving Placemat Craft

This is a great craft to reinforce what Thanksgiving is all about. Children will be so proud to use their own placemat on Thanksgiving day. I have used leaf cutouts here but you can have them trace their hands for good old hand turkeys.

Craft Supplies:

  • Construction Paper
    • 12" x 18" for placemat
    • contrasting colors for cutouts
  • Leaf pattern; Download Here
  • Glue sticks, Clear Contact Paper, Contrasting Markers, Scissors for trimming
Craft Kits

Craft Instructions:

  1. Trace or print the patterns onto paper. Cut out the shapes. For younger children you may want to do this ahead of time.
  2. Have the children think of things they are thankful for. If they are old enough to write, but still need help, write the items on the board and let them copy them onto the leaf shapes.
  3. Glue pieces down to the large black construction paper.
  4. Cut the clear contact paper 1/2" larger than the black placemat. Put the clear contact paper on both sides of the place mat.
  5. Smooth out the air bubbles.
  6. Trim the edges to 1/4" on each side and you are done.

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